We increase the efficiency of your production through our solutions.

ModProcess incorporates your business with high-caliber systems which are designed solely for you with the goal of increasing the efficiency of your production to overcome rising labor and material cost problem.

Modprocess; expands your horizons in production with carton box machine, box closing, logistic storage, intermediate product coding and stacking systems, automation, loading and unloading robots, labeling systems.

Modprocess is getting stronger everyday, with increasing number of new customers who pay attention to the vital importance of an efficient production.

We Produce With Our Solution Details and Accumalations.

Our Solutions are produced with the highest care, attention to detail and the knowledge we gathered over many decades.

ModProcess embodies its projects with the knowledge it gathered since 1987 thus by doing so it makes certain of the quality of its product.

2 People Instead of 13 People

The World’s Most Economical Robot For The Through Feed Boring Line

Carton Box Machine

we are making boxes from12 mm thickness and triplex corrugated cardboard

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